Lose myself

Lose myself


I am going to lose myself. There I
said it. I am.
It’s already starting you know, last week I
forgot the routes in the streets of my favorite city and
the seasons and how they are
supposed to change so
Today I forgot the people that
used to love me and tomorrow
I forgot my name.
I forgot my name and
whenever someone will say it, I
will listen but slowly the resonance of recognition
will fade
the sounds of time, will clean my slate. And
if they search for me, search underneath this
yet familiar face, I
can only be thankful thankful,
that in the end,
also my youth,
will fade.

The Photo

This picture is captured by my friend. Losing myself inside the tropical rainforest of Malasia. We walked for two days and stayed the night in a cave. In the morning we cooled down and washed ourselves in the riverbed.

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