'But I also never told you, that you can leave' Read more about how the picture came to be.


And I string you along
the lines I laid out for me. I string you along.
I strong him along.
And I don’t ask them to stay with me, I don’t ask him to stay,
I never told you
to stay
but I also never told you
That you can leave

And I’m so sorry for everyone that thinks
That they can just fall in love
With this idea of me
I’m so sorry for everything I did
I’m so sorry
But today I’m also finally sorry
For what I’ve done
To me

The photo 

About the photo
For this photo, I really wanted to capture the desire to hide, that comes with feeling sorry. The loneliness of hurting, not only others but also yourself. Just like most pictures, it’s a self portrait. I took the photograph in my homemade studio of just one softbox and a black curtain. If you guys are interested I can share more details on this subject. The picture is backlit, as you can see by the silhouette, by the softbox. Creating the square around the main image as well as the mystery and the hiding. I love to hear what you think about it. Lots of love, Jorinde.

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